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Introducing METRAVIB Defence solutions
Over 25 years in the service of world-wide security

Protection of people, sites & vehicles.

Smart solutions for soldier protection

METRAVIB PEARL is a miniaturized acoustic gunshot detection system initially designed for infantry and dismounted soldier who is in direct contact with the enemy. PEARL provides the capability of finding in a few seconds and in a very intuitive way the origin of the shots that are threatening them.
The PEARL system can be installed, using a Picatinny rail, on an assault rifle, a sniper rifle, a machine gun or multifunction goggles/sights. An intuitive interface composed of directional LED arrows shows the azimuth and elevation of the threat. Compact and wireless, PEARL is easy and fast to get started with.


PILAR Sensitive Sites - Locate gunshots in the city

PILAR Ground Version is designed for the protection of both permanent or temporary sensitive sites. A Mission System following the surveillance approach offers a configurable scalable suite consisting of:

  • 1 to 20 acoustic arrays

  • one ruggedized PC with MMI module for processing, data storage and display of the system outputs

The number of acoustic arrays depends on the area to be covered. Available results include among other outputs the GPS localization of the threat, as well as azimuth, elevation and range.

This system easy integrates with existing cameras witch will be triggerd upon gunshot.

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