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Fire Control System for Small Arms


Fire Control System for Small Arms
SMASH is a combat-proven family of Fire Control Systems which are designed, developed and manufactured by SMARTSHOOTER to ensure each round finds its target, in both day and night conditions, as well as keeping friendly forces safe.

Our proprietary target acquisition and tracking algorithms are integrated with sophisticated image-processing software into a rugged hardware solution, providing an easy to use and cost-effective solution that creates the required overmatch.

SMARTSHOOTER’s fire control solutions are designed to give soldiers and law enforcement officers a decisive tactical edge in almost every operational scenario, maximizing force lethality and operational effectiveness throughout every engagement.

SMASH increases hit probability to significantly enhance lethality and user survivability.

Add-on system which ensures a first-round hit, day and night
Shot accuracy no longer affected by human factors such as fatigue, stress or target


The SMASH fire control system puts a precision anti-drone capability at the fingertips of its users, featuring built-in targeting algorithms that can track and hit even very small drones skimming along at high speed, at ranges of up to 120 metres, with the first shot.

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