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LTE Drones

With LTE Drones you can fly with no limits of range. This in combination with Petrol hybrid makes you fly for up to thee hours. This makes our drones ideal for seeking for lost people or fire watch. When time margins are small, this drones can stay in the air for a much longer time and can cover a much larger area in one sweep. This can save lives.

AutoTrack Tensioning PowerLine tethered drone system, was designed  to perform duties in television news, sports, first responders, surveillance, border patrol, military, and homeland security.

The ultralight onboard power provides unlimited, reliable and redundant power to the drone Designed to run 24/7.

4G LTE Command & Control System 

is a software that allows unlimited options for the end user and here is where our drones pain literally distinguish from other LTE drones.

The software provides simultaneous real time feedback from up to 12 drones and helps the commander in charge to build a multi layer system. This system is presented in a clear way based on the GIS tool , thus enabling operators to view and control ongoing situation  this  new state of the art solution takes identification and

management to the next level.

This makes it possible to, for example a police office, to sit and monitor when a drone is up operating a case.

Or a fire department can take piece of the live stream video from fire fighting from above. 

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